POI types
  • When searching for POI types it is only possible to select a single type. There are occasions when being able to select more would be helpful.

    For example 'camping ground' as well as 'caravan site' because sometimes the descriptions are often interchangeable or 'parking garage' and 'parking area' or 'breakdown service' and 'car repair facility'.

    Conversely when selecting which POI are always to be displayed on the maps the choice is very broad. I for example have only 'Tourism & Religion' and 'travel and accommodation' but only require a tiny subset of the categories. Finding supermarkets when abroad is helpful and would be nice to see what is coming up in the next town. however selecting 'shopping and eating out' peppers the map with so man icons (which are irrelevant for my purposes) that it is hard to see what you are looking for.

    I would like to see the option to expand the six main categories so that individual POI types may be selected. A similar feature to the selection of maps perhaps?

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