Problem recording tracks
  • Hi, I am using MapFactor Navigator release 1.1.5 onto an android cellphone and i dont find how to automatically record a track without specifying a destination point. Actually I only get the flickering recording red spot if i ask for a destination point. Thanks
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  • You don't need a destination point nor an active route to record a track.
    Go to Tools -> Record/replay/Manage GPS files.
    There you can select if you want NMEA or GPX format.
    Then touch Record as NMEA / Record as GPX

  • When I go to tools ...., I get NMEA / GPX list of existing tracks, but i have no button/option "recors as...."
  • by default it is recording automatically - you can switch it of in Settings/GPS positioning recording
  • hi,

    whenever i set nmea/gps recording to automatically from settings/GPS, application stops responding

    i'm using latest version of Navigator free
  • do you have space on your SD?
  • yeah, I have 700MB free space on SD, out of 2G SD card
  • hm, I have no idea, you are the only one to report this and it works for me
    on other hand, most users probably do not switch it on
    I wonder is someone else can test this
  • i tried again today with auto gpx recording feature, seems working fine.

    not sure why the apps always crashed before, maybe because of older maps or version of software.

    anyway, good for now

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