Difference between maps free and Tom Tom maps
  • Hi, about the tom tom maps I have some doubts:

    1 - On my samsung smartphone I installed the maps for Navigator free, but they donĀ“t give the best route. If I buy the tom tom maps for Navigator it will work better? 
    2 - I need to stay with the two maps (on for Navigator free and tom tom maps for Navigator? They will be independent?
    3 - When I went to buy the tom tom maps for America, it appeared the Map Bundles for N. America incl Mexico. This map Bundles include the maps for Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and United States together?
    4 - When I buy the tom tom maps, what it give to me more the the free maps?
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  • Hi Jose,
    1. routing attributes are better in TomTom maps, so routes are more reliable, but please email one or two examples
    2. you will be able to use both
    3. NA includes USA, Canada and Mexico
    4. more POIs, more house numbers, lane assistant, motorway signes...
  • If the free map does not route correctly, it is most likely that the OSM data are incorrect or incomplete.
    Using your local knowledge, you can fix the OSM map yourself and thus provide a better routing experience for everybody.
    E.g. in Germany, there is a quite active OSM community, resulting in a very detailed Germany map with lots of POIs and so on.
    Becoming an OSM mapper is free and fun, maybe you just give it a try? www.osm.org
  • This http://www.mdpi.com/1999-5903/4/1/1/pdf  is a study from the Heidelberg university. They found, that by the end of 2011, OSM maps had 27% more details than maps of Teleatlas, but at that time were 9% behind Teleatlas maps concerning details relevant for navigating. At that time they exspected, that OSM maps will catch up in a couple of years. So we could be there right now ...

    Added: The study covers OSM Data in Germany
    (Link fixed, thanks)

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