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  • Hi everybody.

    I just downloaded Navigator Free for my PDA from play store, I installed all the maps i wanted and had no trouble with all that. But now, when i want to start to navigate, or simply to view the map, it says it's searching for GPS position, but it can't find it. I've enabled GPS on my device. So i'm wondering if there's something i didn't do right with the settings, or maybe my country (Serbia) is not supported (which should not be the problem, for i have downloaded maps for Serbia). Can you please help me to get it going?
    Thank you all very much, i'm looking forward for your answers.
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  • GPS is controlled by Android, Navigator cannot make GPS reception
    better or worse.
    Try to reboot your device, it quite often helps.
  • Unfortunately, rebooting didn't resolve my problem. Under GPS positions recording in Settings, which option should be chosen? Could it be a problem? Or something else in settings?
  • you cannot do anything, Navigator has no influence on GPS
    you can have a look in Tools/GPS info and see what the reception is like
    if you are indoors, take you device out

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