Navigator seems to hijack GPS location on Android
  • I use Navigator for Android extensively in Europe when touring in my Motorhome. It is an excellent product particularly with TomTom maps. I also use an app called Campercontact which identifies 'aires' (free parking places for motorhomes) in the near vicinity. However after using Navigator on the same device the campercontact app is unable to identify its position using GPS. I have tried closing Navigator, turning GPS location of and on but the only thing that works seems to be rebooting the device.

    I have experienced this phenomenon on two seperate devices:

    Nexus 5, Android 4.4.2, Navigator 1.0.62 using OSM
    Nexus 7, Android 4.4.2, Navigator 1.0.62 using TomTom

    I welcome your suggestions
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  • I installed campercontact, I do not have this problem
    GPS is controlled by Android, I cannot see how Navigator could disable anothr program.

  • Hi rp272
    I have also just installed campercontact on a Samsung tab 2.7.0 running Android 4.1.2. I also have no problem.
    Started Navigator with (OSM) then launched campercontact. Gives me all motorhome parkings in my area (Northern Germany).

    Perhaps someone with a nexus device can also try it (campercontac is free) and see how it works on their device, or maybe it has something to do with Android 4.4.2
  • Hi Tomas and Roldorf

    As I launch campercontact (after having closed Navigator) it does show the aires that are nearest to my present location. However when I move to a different location it still shows the same aires although these my now be many miles away! Rebooting the Android device resolves this.

    I have just received the latest update to v 1.1.5 and will see what happens when I drive up to the NEC in Birmingham today.

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