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  • Is it possible to have/create update for this voice? The instructions are not sounding as clear :( as the English voice Lotta. Perhaps providing me the textual instructions English/Dutch and your preferred audio format and the properties/format?

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  • The male voice Dutch (Mobicom) 2-20111170 is at last a welcome improvement, less whining.
  • we can send you instructions how to record it
    would that be of interest?
  • I'm using SVOX as tts engine with "Jan" as male Dutch voice. It is very clear.
    If you give me instructions how to record this voice I will happily do that.

    Otherwise, and perhaps better, is if we/you use http://code.google.com/p/jgoogletexttospeech/. I have used it before for other Android programs to translate in 16 or so languages. It works easy.
    Google tts now has support for many, many languages which is also a nice opportunity to expand your translations to other languages as well.

    Edit: I didn't know about the new voice. It is not downloaded by default but it is indeed a big improvement.
  • Perhaps for now you could provide a list of used Dutch translated phrases. Some are probably direct translations, and are not coming over correctly.

    Some are just annoying:

    Like when you don't follow a calculated route/driving in small town with detours. You get constantly the message NL: "nieuwe route herberekenen" UK: "new route recalculation"

    This one would would do with either one of these options:

    - software switch to enable/disable this message.

    - shorter message NL: "herberekenen" UK: "Recalcutlating"

    There is also some odd message when GPS signal is lost  and GPS signal is back again, driving in tunnels.

    NL "GPS signaal kwijt" UK "GPS signal lost" or something along this line.

    proposed: NL: "geen signal" UK: "no signal"

    NL "GPS signaal nodig" UK "GPS signal required".

    proposed: NL: "signaal terug" UK "signal back" 

    The messages should be brief, not distracting when possible.

    same as you would having reading my crappy post in English (not natively speaking English)

  • I would like to have the Swedish Chef, please (from the Muppets).

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