My MapFactor does not work does not work while my note 2 is connected to my car via bluetooth? why?
  • Dear All,
    My MapFactor does not work ( I mean sound guidance ) does not work while my galaxy note 2 is connected o my car via bluetooth.
    I need to connect my note to to my car to answer incoming calls. and in the same time i need to hear the voice to the guidance ?
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  • That will depend on the configuration of your car / car bluetooth. 

    On our Renault Radiosat system I have just to switch phone bluetooth on and I can call via the car (mike and speakers). In order to listen to sound guidance of Navigator, I have additionally switch the car multimedia system to incoming audio media, i.e. not car-radio and not car-cd. It is not possible to have simoultanesly sound guidance for navigating and listen to cds in the car.multimedia sysetm for example. But i can listen to car-cds and answer phone-calls via the car system.

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