OSM Free vs TomTom Paid
  • Hi!

    Looking for some clarification as I could not find this information elsewhere:

    1) Can paid version of Navigator using TomTom maps also load OSM maps (use German TomTom maps and French OSM maps, using same EXE and IDC file?) Or does user need to close down Navigator and launch Navigator Free when crossing the border? (Assuming user didn't buy Europe edition, but single map)

    2) Does paid version of Navigator have the ad screen at the end when closing Navigator?

    3) Does paid version of Navigator show the OSM license prompt at startup, (I'm assuming paid version can also load OSM maps) ?



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  • 1. you need to close Navigator and reopen it
    2. there is no ad screen when closing Navigator in any version - ads are displayed when downloading maps only in both versions
    3. you can disable that (settings/data source)
  • thanks for this tomas, but

    2) OSM edition has a final graphics screen after exit is choosen, with the words Navigator FREE, at the top, with icons for GPS, OCX Tools, Tracking and Navigation, and the URL www.mapfactor.com with the version number at the bottom left corner (12.4.3 in my case) I call this the Ad screen. Is this screen also present whe using the Paid version of Navigator (tomtom map data) ?

    3) Assuming settings / data source is only available in Paid version as i cant see it in 12.4.3 Free edition?



  • 2. oh, this is Windows version, that is not in with commercial maps
    3. again, I assumed that you were asking about Android version

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