MapFactor Android App Won't Recognize Already Purchased Maps After Phone Reinstall...
  • The MapFactor App on my phone will not recognize the already purchased, downloaded, and previously used maps on my phone's external SDCARD after my latest phone reinstall. I had previously done a reinstall on my phone, and when I had run the MapFactor App, it immediately linked right back up with the downloaded maps still on my external SDCARD. The only thing I can think of is that, this time, I told the phone not to restore stored data on my google account for each of my apps. I chose this as I'm trying I've been trying to reconfigure my phone to see what it is that causes it to lag, and sometimes randomly reboot. Is there any way to be able to continue using my already paid for maps and not have to pay for them again? I have the two emails I received for it's purchase and can provide any and all information necessary to make this happen. Many thanks in advance...
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  • you need to email logs (navigator/log folder) to support
  • Will that help? The logs are from a fresh reinstalled phone and won't prove that the maps on my SDCARD are legit or once worked...
  • What is MapFactor's support email address?
  • Nevermind, I found it and emailed them... Thank you for your assistance... 8)

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