Download previous versions? Correct accuracy errors?
  • Is there a way to download previous versions of Navigator Free? I looked in the thread archives and tried some of the previous links, such as, but was immediately redirected to mapfactors homepage.

    My main reason for wanting to try an older version is that I am having some issues with accuracy and I have read that older versions (11 and older) did not have the issue on my device (Mio C320). I have been trying to run Navigator Free for the past few days and, most of the time, it displays me as if I am driving 30-50 feet off the roadway. I selected the option to "snap to road", but it does nothing. Additionally, it will not display 3D even though I have the option selected.

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  • Hi Brian,
    accuracy has not changed - it is very simple, GPS gives co-ordinate which we place on map, which also comes with co-ordinates.
    You can try to reset GPS in your MIO, if this option is available.

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