Non graphical menu does not work on ASUS MeMO pad 10
  • I used navigator's Advanced Settings to turn off "Use Graphical menu" on my ASUS MeMO 10 tablet running Android 4.2.2
    The screen now shows a button like object in the upper right corner, but the button does nothing when pressed.
    The other functions seemed to work before I made the change but without a menu its not possible to use navigator.

    I'll un-install and re-install navigator to get back full functionality. 

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  • Hi Norm,

    close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
  • Thanks for the response.
    I can not find a folder named: "Android settings"  in the /sdcard/ folder.  There is a folder named: Android that contains two folders: obb and data.
  • it is not a folder, from main screen click Menu and then Settings, or click Settings from Programs
  • What program shows the "main screen"?  Where is "Menu"?
    After making the change to non Graphical menu in the nvaigator program, the Menu button that is positioned in the upper right of the navigator window does not react to touches or presses. That is the problem.  The navigator program starts but the Menu button is dead.
  • Android Main screen, menu is button on your device
  • Thanks for that.  It's a lot faster than doing an un-install and reinstalling navigator.

    However it does not fix the problem with navigator's dead Menu button after setting non Graphic menu.  It still is dead after changing the setting. Oh well, I guess I can live with it.

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