Excellent program!! - question on new platform
  • I have used MapFactor Navigator for the past 17 months while traveling in South America. Couple of nights ago a pickpocket stole my Motorola Atrix 4G while I was riding the metro here in Quito Ecuador.  As a result,  I purchased a Samsung G3 mini GT-I8190L running the latest Android  version, 4.1.2. Map Factor Navigator is the latest version, 1.0.35 running Open Street maps. On the earlier Motorola, when the phone went into standby, Navigator would continue in the background. With the Samsung, when standby happens Navigator goes into standby as well and looses satellites and current position. After having looked extensively at the settings, I am curious if there is any readily apparent way to prevent this.  

    I rely on Navigator when using public transportation both in cities and intercity. Its handy to be able to know where you are without having to wait  for the phone to re calculate position. The program has been invaluable to me  during this trip.

    Many thanks to everyone here on the forum and at Map Factor for the excellent program. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 


    Quito Ecuador
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  • I think that you should look in Android settings, probably power saving
  • Thomas

    Many thanks for the information. I have tried the program both with power saving enabled and disabled. Still it seems to shut down when the phone is in screen off mode.  Unfortunately in the newer versions of Android ti seems that more control is taken away from the user. I don't see anything else that is easily changeable.

    Warmest Regards and again thanks for your kind interest

  • is Display always on (Settings) ticked?

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