Navigator 12 issue with Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Hi:

    I used to have version 11 working fine and decided to upgrade to work with the latest maps in my windows mobile 6.5 phone.
    However, first time after i install, when i run the program, all i get is is a white blank screen with the blue "back" and "close" buttons at the top.  The program freezes and i have to kill it using task manager.  I tried re-installing few times and tried installing in both the SD and internal hard drive.  Still the same issue.

    Please help!

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  • try to delete settings file and the start navigator

  • Hi Tomas!

    I am guessing that you meant "settings.xml" file.  I did delete it and still the same issue :(
  • if it of any help, here's the copy and paste of "navigator.log.txt" file.

    command line:''
    SYS_HIRES: Not running in highres mode
    IDC file: \Storage Card\Program Files\Pocket Navigator 12\atlas.idc
    Trying to load \Storage Card\Program Files\Pocket Navigator 12\settings.xml
    \Storage Card\Program Files\Pocket Navigator 12\settings.xml loaded and initialized
    Settings loaded successfully.
    SYS_DPI: 192,192
    PROFILER: <1> new BarneyApplication() - 0.211 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() START - 1.371 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() splashScreen showed - 1.430 secs
    sound_en                        : data version= 2, data creation=200809171, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\Storage Card\sounds_en.mca\', name=MapFactor - Lotta
    sound_xx_signal                 : data version= 2, data creation=201001271, vendor id=0, license id=0, path='\Storage Card\sounds_xx_signal.mca\', name=Signal sounds

  • you have no map files
  • I have!  57mb file for India in SD Card's root folder, where the Navigator's setup utility copied to.  Should i move it to a different location?

  • copy earth_osm.mca, it is compulsory
  • have that too.  About 72mb size.

    when i opened it for the first time, it didn't even go to the "key" install window.  all i saw was that blank screen.  didn't have that issue with previous version.  i am also aware of the basic map and sound files that are required.  i had used it successfully for various countries in Africa.
  • hello tomas:

    any other suggestions?

  • are your map data old or did you download maps now? Old maps will not work with v12.
  • They are brand new maps.  Not the old one. 
  • but they are no loading according to your log, only old sounds are loading
    I think there is a mismatch between version of Navigator and version of maps
  • that's odd. 
    i downloaded the new version of the software and through the setup utility downloaded the latest maps and that's when i started getting this blank screen.

    there is also a "logheap.log.txt" file and here's what's inside.

    x ... attempt failed
    f ... free memory
    l ... allocate to 'lower' memory
    u ... allocate to 'upper' memory

    u 16842752

    i will try one more time downloading everything from scratch and installing.  but i had done this 3 times already.

    i appreciate your help!
  • and how do i find the installed software version without being able to get inside it?
  • --- double post deleted ---
  • you can check it in Setup utilities on your PC

  • it's 12.3.0, which is the latest.

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