NMEA String Bug?
  • Are negative values in heading permitted in GPRMC strings (-80) ?

    52:54.21> OnRecievedData(): GPRMC string: $GPRMC,035237.0,A,3352.3528,S,15113.0654,E,35.10,280.00,171113,,*2C
    52:54.71> OnRecievedData(): GPRMC string: $GPRMC,035238.0,A,3352.3515,S,15113.0560,E,35.10,-80.00,171113,,*36


    I used the simulator and these are two of the GPRMC strings returned by Navigator. (I re-ran the same simulator start/end, and the same results, -80 pops up after a few minutes)



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