Cannot quit navigator!
  • I have just updated to Android version 1.0.48 and installed the upgraded European TomTom maps.

    All looks good but I cannot quit Navigator!

    When first launched the message loading data no longer appears but when I press 'exit' I get a white scteen which is then replaced by a greyed out menu with the 'loading data' message and the revolving circle. It is then necessary to kill the app!

    I am running Android 4.3 


    Please advise urgently

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  • Update:

    I rebooted my tablet and re-launched Navigator. It immediately stopped working.

    When I re-launched it stated that it was checking file integrity and finally reported that it has deleted a corrupt file. I suspected that this may have been a poi file created with digger that did not seem to work. However it still appears in the list of 'imports' although there is no file in the data folder called 'test2.mca'. I don't know whether this was the cause of the previous problem or not.

    Have you any idea how to remove this 'invisible' file from the list of POI imports?

    Apart from this Navigator seems to be working normally.

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