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  • I have used Digger to add my own POIs quite successfully. These only seem to appear when I do a search.


    Is there a way to make them appear on the maps all the time. Could they be turned off and on under 'settings>POI types?

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  • during import you have option to see them on a map
    they cannot be switched off under POIs
  • I have run through the Digger 12.1.5 but cannot see the option you mention.

    Please advise

  • object appearance assignment dialog box
    you can select icon and zoom level visibility
  • Hi Tomas

    I have been playing with Digger and although I still do not seem to be able to get the icons to appear on the map without actually searching for POIs I will keep trying.

    I do have another query regarding POI icons. Whatever I seem to do it shows on a red background which makes it difficult to see. I have created one with a transparent background (type .png) but they still appears as a red rectangle!

    Why is this?

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