Can I sync my Android Tablet "My Places" with my Android Mobile?
  • Is there a way to copy parameters from one to the other? Ideally, I'd like to use both Android devices concurrently so that if my Tablet needs information while I'm the road and I have the silly AT&T "charge you through the nose policy" to tether or WiFi hotstop, I can just switch to my mobile and avoid the AT&T BS. It would also be convenient to just arbitrarily go back and forth.

    If I have to connect the USB cord to my desktop Windows or Linux system, that's fine too. In this case, what are the paths to the relevant parameter files and can I just copy them?

    BTW, I took the default on the new discussion because "Search" came up empty on "sync".

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  • my places are saved in favourites.xml, just copy this file accross.
    you can also copy routing_points.xml...

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