Not compatible with Pocket PC 2002
  • I have a few different PDA's some are running Pocket PC 2002 and others are running Windows Mobile 2003

    After installing Navigator FREE Setup Utility on my PC I installed the Navigator App and Maps for the UK to my CF Card and inserted into my PDA.

    but with the PDA's running Pocket PC 2002 the Installation Cab was identified as not being compatible, is there a way to fix this Cab or would I need to install a previous version, if so could someone please provide a Link for download.

    Thanks in advance.

    (The PDA's concerned are (Pocket PC 2002) Toshiba E740 & E750 (Windows Mobile 2003) Toshiba E755

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  • I've used the Wayback Machine and have downloaded the V11 Installer from January 4th 2012.

    But the Installer is unable to retrieve files from the remote server.

    Does anyone have a Pocket PC 2002 (Windows CE 3) Installation cab available?

    Best Regards,

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