Configuring MapFactor Navigator to say distance before turn (e.g. "In 500 metres ..... turn left "
  • Hi,

    I'm using MapFactor Navigator version 1.0.35 in my Galaxy S3. How to I configure it so that the "voice" says:

    "In 500 metres...... turn right"

    instead of

    "Turn right ...... in 500 metres"

    I would really appreciate being told the distance first. As it stands on hearing "Turn right" I'm about to turn right only to hear "in 500 metres" after a two or three second gap. I feel this is currently quite dangerous. 

    Currenly I don't always see my phone but can hear the voice. I find it confusing to be told to turn right and then a few seconds later to be told that is supposed to be in 500 metres. 

    Today I was told to turn right and so got into lane at the traffic lights to turn right. This was followed up with "in five hundred metres". So I was now in the wrong lane as I really I was supposed to go straight on at the traffic lights but turn right 500 metres further on down the road. I would really prefer to hear the distance first.

    So is there setting in the android app that configure the voice in the app so that the voice speaks the distance to travel before mentioning the right hand turn or left hand turn?


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