Route tracing doubt
  • Hi all.

    In my city, trying to set route to navigate, strangely mapfactor traced every time an "illogical" route. It is a very heavy traffic load at this point. For saying something to reach a city that is 30 km away from mine, in a practically rect line over one route, mapfactor (free) traced to make 150 km, and take many other routes.

    Today i decided to find (or try) what was going on, and i believe i found it. But i wanted to ask to you if this could solve de problem. In the picture below, openstreetmap show a "discontinued" route in that segment. Could this makes all the "illogical" routing?

    Anyway i fixed it in the map, because it's not a broken route.


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  • yes, this is the problem
    if you correct it, it will be in the October update
  • thanks. I'll wait for october update, then.

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