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  • I have been looking the pay maps and I have some questions.
    The map of Europe only cost 20€?
    The maps updates are lifetime or what?
    How many times are updated every year and who is the provider?
    Are speedcameras included in the maps?

    I think that there is not enough information, or I didnt find it.

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  • we hope to introduce option to purchase 'lifetime' updates for TomTom maps soon
    POIs are iincluded, but not premium POIs
    You can switch between maps
  • Hi Malkavi,

    updates are not included, provider is TomTom (Teleatlas). speed cameras are included.


  • Hi I have also been looking at the paid maps. I would like to know if in the future there will be map updates without having to repurchase the whole map, I would be fine with a smaller fee for an update. Also are the tom tom poi's part of the map? Lastly is it possible to switch between maps when using app.
  • Openstreetmap based Germay Map does not find "München" least not the city known for the Oktoberfest.
    • Search with postal zip-Code (80333) works.
    • But searching "München" (or Muenchen) leads to "München(...) followed by a list with a number of locations, that contain "münchen" as a part of their names.
    • Clicking "München(...) leads to "München (Weimarer Land) München (ELbe Elster), München, München (Landkreis Amberg Sulzbach)
    • Clicking the only "München"  which is not obviously for beeing in the wrong surrouonding just leads to another smal village 20 km north of Passau : 94116 Hutthurm / München

    I would like to use Navigator for Android but I need to find München, WIthin München I would appreciate to find long existing streets like Josephsburgstraße.

  • Try experimental search from this post

    and you will find your Josephsburgstraße.

    This is an issue discussed very often in this forum and they are working on it.

    By the way, there are only very few housenumbers in OSM for this street. If you are there, you could install keypad mapper 3 from the play store to your device and collect the housenumbers and add them to OSM maps ;-)
  • Thanks for your comment, Oldie, especially for your hint at the expermental search.  I also installed  Vespucci and keypad mapper and will have a closer look.

    I would also be OK to spent 20 € for a tomtom europe map since I have got quite used to the additional pocket-navi from my old Nokia phone.

    What I would however like to know :
    • how would you describe Navigator+tmotom-map compared to the native tomtom-app - solution ?
    • would issues like finding mayor cities and streets be obsolete ?
    • Navigator (beta) is free. And I could use the 20€ europa-map bundle without time limitation. Right? How will the Navigator update-Options be?

  • comparison I would leave to others, but searching in TomTom maps has no such problems as administrative areas are properly defined
    licence is unlimited, but does not include map updates, updates will be discounted
  • I have bought the Europe maps for Android which are great! However there don't seem to be as many POIs as with the maps on V10 of Navigator for PC. I was particularly looking for supermarkets and important tourist attractions in Spain while we were away! Ami I missing something?
  • can you give example? I think there should be more POIs.
  • Hi!
    How can I check updates for Tom Tom maps?
  • once we release next version, you will be notified
  • Hi tomas
    A year ago you wrote about lifetime map updates. I don't see such option in the app.
    Another nav app Sygic has an option to buy whole world maps for ~100 dollar with lifetime free updates. They are using Tomtom maps as well, so it means there shouldn't be problems with Teleatlas.
  • according to Teleatlas, lifetime update is three years (lifetime of device) - we decided not to do it as we think this is misleading.
    However, updates will be available once the next version is released.

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