Different guidings through the roundabouts
  • I am still very satisfied using the MF free and OSM on my Galaxy S3, but one thing frustrates me a little, that is the different ways the voice is guiding me through roundabouts. For the same roundabout the voice says turn left, right ore go straight ahead, and sometimes it says take the first, second or third exit (what I really prefer). I can’t see any reasons for the difference in the way the roundabouts are mapped in the OSM. This difference occurs for a lot of the roundabouts in Denmark.
    What is the reason for that, and is it something you can or want to change?
    If you simulate this very short route forward and reverse, you can see what I am thinking about.

    Departure:  56.7181, 10.1094
    Destination: 56.7174, 10.1194

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