Installation on Medion E3215 on SD card: "cannot find 'navigator' (or one of its components)...
  • Hi,
    I want to install mapfactor navigator on my old Medion E3215 (with Windows CE Core 5.0), on SD card. If I start WinCE (after hard reset), if I click on navigator.exe, I get the error message: "cannot find 'navigator' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available".
    Mapfactor navigator was installed as described in the help.
    What I do wrong?
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  • Has anybody an idea? A reinstallation comes to the same results, if I try to start navigator.exe from the SD card, I get this error message.
  • you may be missing some libraries?
    try to add zlib.dll to the same foledr where Navigator.exe is
  • Ok, thanks. This was more than just zlib.dll, I´ve installed all *.dll files from this site:
    (Release 52, directory MioAutoRun/System).

    But now I would like to learn this FREE Navigator... now for example my program is searching GPS-signal for already some hours, and I cannot press any button ("Suche GPS-Geräte..." - searching for GPS, "Autom. Erkennung ein  COM2, 57600 Baud", "Suchen: COM7, 57600 Baud), and I cannot press anything, also the back-button (on the top left: <l ).
    Which topic is recomended for the beginners with FREE Navigator 11?

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