Solved: Windows Mobile: New Cameraspeed and Cameralight updated files empty
  • Dear all,

    the new cameraspeed and cameralight files of 201207230 seem to be empty or are more probably not fully recognized. There are no speed or light warnings for at least the Netherlands, Germany or the UK. From the past I knew that sometimes I first have to install the cameraspeed and -light files and in a second run the maps itself, but also this did not help also sometimes I have to flag the two files at the speed warning settings. The new files do they show cameras for less countries. I could recover the old files from a Android device and use it on Windows Mobile. Did anyone had the same problem or found a solution?

    Nevertheless the program is great!
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  • we can see cameras in the UK and Netherlands
    what file sizes do you have?
  • Sorry, I have to apologize. I updated just the camera files and now it is fine. Perhaps I did a mistake.

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