Touchscreen problem in Navigator Free 12.1
  • Hi friends. I've installed Navigator FREE 12.1 on my "chinese" full multimedia-GPS integrated system of my car (Ssansanyong). Originally, the system uses IGO8.3.4, and all seems to go OK (with very old maps).

    I have had some (a lot of, in fact) of difficulties in the first configuration steps due, mainly, to the use of the touchscreen: for example, for the language selection I've had to modify manually the file "settings.xml". Even, I was able to introduce the licence key (for free maps), and launch the main menu for GPS configuration process (detected on COM2). But ...after that, the equipment (the software) doesn't reaction to touchscreen.

    Please, some idea .... Do you need some additional information (the settings.xml file, the "log" file, ...)


    Thanks in advance

    Josradiel, from Spain-Madrid

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  • Hi, again. Please, I need your support ....
    Additional information: after using (??) Navigator FREE 12 my "touchscreen" is absolutely uncalibrated.

    Any idea?


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