My suggestions
  • My suggestions after a 3 weeks long tour:

    1. Organize"my places" into folders
    2. Option to always show speed limits. Not only when exceeded
    3. Option to hide blue fading horizon during navigation at top
    4. Option to hide the bottom menu bar with name street (most phones have alteady a menu bottun...)
    5. In the cities say "take the second left... third right..." instead of "in 200 meters..."
    The button bottom right who cycles through the views shows in its icon
    the present view. It should show the next view i.e. what happens if you
    press it
    7. In the map view add a distance scale
    8. Use more contrasting color for the navigation track. Or give us instructions for editing the color settings file
    9. The navigator never suggests to make a U Turn


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