Repeating "calculating route" messages
  • Hello,
    Thanks for a potentially great tool. I have it installed on  Huawei Ascend G300 with Android 2.2 (I think).
    I downloaded a few maps for my journey through Holland into Germany and set a start point in Holland, destination in Germany. My problem is that Navigator stops every few seconds to recalculate the route. This also happens if I only set a destination. In the few moments it is working, it seems OK. Also it follows the GPS OK when not navigating. 

    Please tell me how to fix this , otherwise a potentially great too is useless for me.
    I have looked through several discussions here but not found any reference to this. I am not a techie and would not have any idea how to find any log files or copy them to this PC to include.

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  • Hi Nigel,
    try to reboot your device.
  • Hello Thomas,

    Yes, I powered off and on again. That gave no improvement.


  • record NMEA and email it to me together with departure and destination
    but I think your GPS does not work properly
  • Hello Tomas,

    Will try this tomorrow and let you know.


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