Thrive TD43 licence key?
  • I bought this from and can't find the licence key to activate the commercial maps rather than the FREE ones. Anyone know where the key is?
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  • Hi elrasho
    I think that loads only Navigator FREE, not a commercial version.
    If so, you would need to buy upgrade to commercial maps - you can buy it from our UK partner,
  • Thanks for the info, what's the difference between the FREE and commercial version?
  • comercial version has more accurate maps from TomTom
  • Are they that much better though? Is it worth the extra £50? I ask because when I try to switch to Commercial maps it says "streets disabled"... what does that mean?
  • TomTom maps have mre accurate navigational attributes, so resulting routes will be more accurate. For example, in free maps may one way street attribute be missing - in that case routing engine may take you in the opposite direction. On other hand, anybody can join OSM and correct map errors, which would appear in the next map update, which is released monthly and for FREE

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