Basic questions
  • I have a few basic questions. We have an Asus TF101 and were trying out the Free Navigator.
    1.  Is there somewhere to get basic instructions on how to use the Android app?
    2.  Can you put in a street address?  All I could find was cross streets.
    3.  It took a long time before the app started following the route that was laid out.  Probably a good 5 minutes.  I tried stopping navigation, turning it back on, and few other things then suddenly it would start following the route.  Is there something we need to do to start it tracking?

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  • I want to have a 1 second tracking interval.  How can I do it in mapFactor
  • Hi alibukbok,
    what do you mean by '1s tracking'? Most GPS receivers send at 1s frequency.

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