Navigator 11 installation issues
  • I just installed Navigator free 0.9.122 on my Asus TF300T.  Several issues:
    1.  No icon appears on Home screen to launch app.  Have to go to Google Play store, search for "MapFactor", then click on 'Open'.
    2.  Can't find a way to add another map.
    3.  Imported my own POIs using Digger.  POI file shows up in Search\POI\Imports, but when start typing a name I know is in the file, always get "No result" message.

    Overall, very nice app but would be nice to get the above working.

    Best regards,

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  • 1. icon is in programs
    2. open programs and click the Navigator Downloader icon
    3. names may be in an incorrect field?
  • Hi Tomas,

    I am pretty new to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.  I do not find any 'Programs'.  I do find the app under 'Settings\Apps', but there is no way to start the app from there.  I also cannot find any Downloader icon or app.

    I did not get any errors when building the .mca file.  There were four columns in the .csv file, and I matched Long\Lat\Name\Address with the corresponding fields in Digger.  Is there a way to send you the file to see if there's something wrong with it?

    Best regards,

  • on my phone I have an icon on the main screen to access programs - it is a circle with six dots inside
  • Made some progress resolving the issues.

    1. Did the Windows thing; uninstalled the app and re-installed.  Now the icon appears on the Home screen.

    2. Figured out a way to get a new map download dialog.  Moved the earth_osm.mca and map.mca files (located in Internal Storage\navigator\data) to another directory.  Then when Navigator Free opens, it says no maps installed, do you want to download a map.  It downloads a new earth_osm.mca file as well as the new local map file.  Then can move the original map.mca file back and all the maps will appear under the search.

    3.  Still nothing appears under the imported poi file even though the file appears in the list of Imports.  Perhaps someone can provide an explanation of what field names should be and in what order?  I tried using both a .gpx and .csv file that works with Garmin devices.
  • Got the imported POIs to show up in the Search.  When creating the poi.mca file using Digger, under 'Additional information visibility', one needs to have at least one item selected under the 'Map' column and one item under the 'Table' column.

    Not certain why that made it work, but at least it's working.

    Nice app for free; might replace my Garmin on future trips. 

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