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  • When using Navigator on my phone (Xperia Active) in the car, i need the bluetooth connection of the phone for phone calls. I can hear the voice of Navigator only in the case the car multmedia unit is set to audio-streaming via bluetooth. In the case, the car unit is set to CD or radio, there is no voice from Navigator at all. I would need to force the voice output of Navigator to the phone speaker even if bluetooth is on (for phone calls). Is this possible?
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  • Try the "Sound About" application in the Google Play store.  It might be able to do this. 
  • Sorry, I do not find this app ....
  • Can somebody please provide an update about this topic?
    I also have the issue, that when my phone is connected with my car by bluetooth, the MapFactor voice is muted.
  • try the latest version, please
  • Latest version didn't work either. What's your next suggestion?
  • Normally Android has 3 audio channels: Media/music, notification, voice/phone call.
    A blue-tooth headphone/ear set (normally) always connects to the voice/phone call channel.
    Which channel is Navigator using for it's output? The media/music channel?

    in that case it is quite obvious you don't hear anything.
    A multi-media set in a car which connects to a phone also default takes the voice/phone call channel.
    That's why you hear the phone over the car audio, and thereby possibly also the navigator output.

    Edit: My own blue-tooth ear set for my phone works for voice calls, but not with Navigator (first had to load it :) )
  • A commentator on Google Play is asking for an additional bluetooth feature: half a second prior to a announcement, play a short sound. This is helpful for sound level in motorcycle helmets, he says.

    Who can explain to me how this works?
  • (No answer for chattiewoman)

    I found a little app "mono bluetooth router" on Google Play which reroutes the media/music channel to a simple bluetooth headset. I now have Navigators output on my  bluetooth headset.
    Note that there are more of these utilities. I just downloaded the first one and it works.

    This might also solve the issue with navigator getting silent if you connect your phone to your car audio set which also defaults to voice/phone call, and with such a little app you might be able to reroute Navigators voice to the car audio set as well.

    Edit: And I now realize that this use of a small bluetooth set is handy for cycling as well.
  • I did find now "SoundAbout" but had no time to try yet.

    Anyhow it has an option "let app decide". I exspect now, that I can redirect any output to the speaker, even if bluetooth is on. But that is not want I really want.

    I still would like to force just Navigator to use the speaker of the phone, when Bluetooth is connected to the car for telephone calls. In that cace I listen to CDs or to the car-fm-radio over the speakers of the car. In the latter cases now MF is muted because it only knows to speak to the speakers of the car, if the car-multimedia-unit is set to incoming audio (bluethooth music streaming or usb in).

    If I use Soundabout now, I exspect incoming calls to be redirected to the phones speakers, rather than to the speakers of the car. That is not what I want.

    I still would prefer to have the option in MF to direct just MF's voice instructions to the phone's speaker.
  • As I found my phone soundless on a trip yesterday again, I finally installed Soundabout https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woodslink.android.wiredheadphoneroutingfix yesterday on my phone. At least on a BT connection to my notebook it reacts as desired. "Media" sound is directed to the speakers phone and I can receive phone calls to the PC's speakers.

    Soundabout also has an option (besides even more) not to select "speaker" or "Bluetooth" but "let app decide". That means that also MF Navigator should be able to decide, to use the speaker when bluetooth is on ...

    Edit: Soundabout also works on my car's bluetooth unit. So my problem is solved only using a third party app. At least.
  • I have used Navigator for years with my current bluetooth car radios and calls and navigator instructions have always cut in silencing the radio or CD that is playing without any problem. Recently I can not get navigator instructions to come out of the radio although calls still do. I am running latest versions.

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