Searching for OVIs (POIs) by POI-Name in smaller villages impossible
  • For Example: i searching for a POI in Grainau or other smaller villages, the search is impossible because Grainau is not in the Database for POI Search included, To find a POI in the Village, i have maybe to take the next bigger City, but this confused me already several times. Itll be nice to know which cyty is the next bigger - the search have automatically change Grainau to the bigger city - Garmisch Partenkirchen is also not in database and now you see why this is a big problem - that i not have to search in the whole germany.

    Furthermore should be the windows version of Navigator a little bit more Windows like - without Screenkeyboard and the Page Buttons can be in map view for zoom, but when a list on screen the Page down and up buttons should be used for doing the page up and down like in every windows software. And i want delete mor than one Routing Point in the same time...... I dont like the Android usability, thats why i dont like android also.

    The windows mouse or touchpad have a right button. The buttons should can be used.
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  • Hi Matthias, problem is that POIs in OSM maps have no link to any city/village. Best is to select ANY town, or search locally from map. Or use Google search, which is, of course, online.
    Windows version is both for laptops and embedded car systems.

  • Hello, thanks for reply. Now i know that this is a OSM problem. Some POIs have the relations and some not.
    For OSM should it be easy to make automatic relations, but it seems this happens not soon.

    Is the Postcode enough or is the full name of the village needed?

    I really dont know wether OSM will be good enough sometime. To take in every POI the relations is to much work for nothing because it can be automated with boundaries. There are just boundaries for every postcode area needed and every POI inside the postcode area can automatically take the relations.
    OSM is also a pain :) I should buy a commercial map.
  • Tomas, I don't understand.
    See this POI (in another town) here. Although it has no address tags or a relation to the city it belongs to (same as in Grainau), it can be found using the Navigator OVI search (searching for name in a certain town). Navigator clearly connects it with the correct city.
  • mdx can answer this, there probably is an admin area linking it.
  • The burger king detmold works without relations - this is really strange, i have watched it.

    i have a idea for a quick solution of the problem:
    Enable full text search in the whole OVI-System, not only in "searching for address and name"
    then itll be possible just searching the target area. Sort OVIs by distance is needed. But i guess a fulltextsearch is also possible when the list is not in alphabetical order. Maybe the alphabetical order should be a setup option, a possibility to change the order of the ovi list from alphabetical order to distance order, and the search option everytime enabled.

    In Limbach-Oberfrohna are 2 Database Entrys. One Limbach-Oberfrohna and Limbach-Oberfrohna - Limbach-Oberfrohna. Only in the last one is OVI Search possible. And much postcodes are in OSM finished, but Navigator do maybe not take over postcodes from relations of little OVIs or Houses. Maybe is this  problem with boundaries. There are already boundaries and in some places are maybe no boundaries. For OSM Users is it heavy to make the Boundaries.
  • built-in google search?
  • a built in google search is not needed, because not everybody have mobile internet. I mean just the database-search in the navigator database.
    But a interface from google maps or google earth to navigator will be nice, because taking the coordinates to paste in navigator is really a bad job. And in the new google maps works nothing, i hope the old google maps will be forever available.

    i was looking in setup menu  - to setup a internet provider i need a key. What is this for a key? I want use this for a better taking over points from google to navigator.


    In the JOSM OSM-Download (JOSM> OSM Download> interactive map), i can move the map smooth, so smooth should it work also in navigator. maybe just create a bitmap 10x bigger than the screen for bitmap gripper

    Thank you very much for germany east osm..

    PS: I do not taking over points from google to osm. OSM i make only in hometown to watch the copyright.

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