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  • Hi
    I downloaded recently "MapFactor: GPS Navigation" from google play for give it a try with my two deviced: a LG P350 Android and a Tablet 7' oem, both with GPS.
    I've decided to try it because my old original TomTom One v1 is almost not functional for supply problem with car cable.
    I read that is possible to use a TomTom map, but there aren't so much info about how do it if you already have a TomTom original map like me.
    I've an "Europe Map for TomTom One v1" of 3 years ago and I like to try to use it if I can do it ^^;

    Thank you for the info.
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  • I am quite sure, that I read somewhere else in this forum, that you are not entitled to use tomtom maps from other products together with MF. As far as I remember, there are even technical obstacles.

    tomtom maps are extremly cheap here, that I understand, that no other discount is applicable.
  • So I asked here in this forum ^^
    I read that the app can use a TomTom map, so I asked if mine was right ^^
  • you can only use maps from processed by Mapfactor
  • Thank you for info ^^

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