hard to find street names by search. but they pops up on the map visual
  • I have trouble finding streets with the search even that they pops up on the map visually . But if you are very specific in your search you can find the streets. my example would be from Denmark where i live: theres a city named nexø, and its postal number(area /zip) is 3730

    few km away is a small area city called "Balka", it also is under the same postal number.3730

    if i search for at specific street... wich is in the "balka" area... but specify nexø... the street will not pop up. only some few major small roads pops up..

    but if i specify "balka" as city it can find the street.

    Best search would be if the app(im using android on galaxy x cover) if the app could do a country search.
    Some roads could have the same name around the country. and then the app would find and show all street names but followed by cityname and then it would be up to the user to select wich street he og she wants.

    the other way around. things is very heavy, and requires much local knowledge :D

    It seems to me that all street names is in the osm map, and it should be possible to search deeper and find all streetnames, as descriped above. maybe if it hogs the cpu too much, do the deep search if no results found on basic search, by a prompt or as a selectable option.
    ,maybe if its possible just to search a street name without first having to specify city name... and then give user the option to select one of the search from the list of identical street names that pops up on the search... just an idea.

    Please Fix this if possible. it would make the app almost perfect in my eyes. every thing else works like a charm... the graphics might look a bit simple, but i have noticed that house numbers is on the map wich i have never seen on other gps nav aps. and that s great feature.. i work as a electrician, and have to drive around and visit custumers, and its nice to see wich end of a road house numbers start. i think that the free version with osm is one of the most worked throug free aps i have ever seen. some others crave a online connect to do adress search. but this one just do it from the map data.
    totally offline :) NICE!!!
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  • Hi clocksmurf
    there are 52 High Streets in London alone, most likely more then thousand in the UK - your suggestion would not work in a large country
  • I also have problems finding the streets, even though they are displayed on the map.

    For example, one of the main streets in Richmond, BC, Canada - Number 1
    Road - cannot be found. When you select Canada, then Richmond, and start
    typing, there will be Number 2 and 3 Roads, but no Number 1. But it is
    right there on the map! The same with several other streets.

    Why is such a basic functionality broken? Is there a way to fix it?

  • I concur. That was the reason why I stopped buying TomTom PNDs a long time ago.

    It would be extremelly difficult to find an address except only if I provided the exact city that was in the TomTom database (that most of the times was not the most correct one).

    I find the same problem in many PND softwares at the time, and I ended up buying iGo in 2008, which I still use! So please, can you put this "feature" in the backlog please?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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