How do I get voice prompts?
  • I don't get any sounds at all from Navigator 11 free running on an HTC HD2. (except a short beep when using volume up/down)
    I have installed English voices. I see a file sounds_en.mca and sounds_xx_signal.mca in the same folder as the map data united_kingdom_osm.mca

    Everything else works.

    Any ideas?

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  • I am also using HD2 and have no problem. See if Eglish Lotta sounds are selected in Settings/Language.
  • I am using ver 1.0.0 android on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and have English Lotta selected and also get no sound despite enabling speed and camera sound.
  • delete sound and download it again
  • I am using NavigatorFree on a Samsung Galaxy III, Android 4.1.1
    The sound in Navigator is somehow linked to Music Player. If the sound is on mute in Music Player, i do not have sound in Navigator, and vice versa. Not sure why there is this link between various apps. Music Player mute/unmute controls sound in my MobileMetronome app the same way. If I get a bluetooth call in the car, Navigator may lose sound; I can switch it back on by going to Music Player, where I find that the volume has been switched automatically by the device to mute, so I switch it back on.
    This app has personality, I'll give it that.
    Wouldn't travel without it, though.

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