PC Navigator Free 12 - scrollbars too thin or do not work?
  • Hello,
    I have a HP mobile workstation with an integrated GPS, running Windows 7 64-bits. So I thought it would be fun to try to install PC Navigator Free and experiment GPS navigation on it.

    I downloaded the Navigator12 Setup Utility and installed PC Navigator12 Free from it. I did choose "PC Navigator" and not "Pocket Navigator", then I downloaded a few maps, and here it goes.

    After some trouble to get the GPS to be recognized (PC Navigator was only testing port COM3 and COM4, my GPS is on port COM12), I managed to get the software to work, and it's really nice!
    I also had to adjust the window size for the application, as it was launching in full screen, without any visible possibility to minimize the window.

    The only (main) trouble now is that it looks like the mouse is only working for "clicking" on items on the screen or in the menu: I cannot, for the life of me, use the very very very thin scrollbars at the right of the window (for example to scroll through the streets of a town, or to scroll through the items of a menu).

    Is this normal? Or is this that maybe the application is in a certain mode (touch?...) which would prevent the ability to use the scrollbars?
    Is this normal that these scrollbars are so thin?

    I'd appreciate any help... Other than that, PC Navigator is really a great piece of software, and a lot of fun!

    Best regards.

    Link: screenshot of the PC Navigator window with the scrollbar

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  • if you have keyboard you can  use arrow keys
  • Hello tomas!

    Eh, I didn't even think of using the arrow keys! They do work, thank you very much! (I feel stupid now :) )

    But shouldn't the scrollbars work anyway, with the mouse (I can use the mouse to select icons or move around, just NOT on the scrollbars, I find it... strange! )

    THANK YOU anyway for the tip :)
  • Hi dark_line,

    the scrollbars e.g. in the streets menu, that you mention are not really scrollbars. Imho they are just a position indicator where in the street list you are. You have 2 ways to move the list up or down: either  use the mouse wheel or if you don't have one click on the list and pull it up or down. Much easier than using the arrows.


  • Hello Uli,

    Great! Thank you, clicking and pulling the lists works very nicely too!

    PC Navigator is really fun!

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