Free version freeze on Win-CE
  • Installing the latest Free version of Navigator 11 og a 7" Win-CE machine (built in a car radio).

    1) After detection of the GPS (COM2 9600 baud) and I select this a blank display is shown and the application freezes - reboot is the only solution and the Settings is NOT stored. OK, fixed it by manually editing the settings.xml file on a PC

    2) When I tab a position on the map and select save as favorite I get a line to type in the name but the keyboard is not displayed and application freezes - reboot is the only solution.

    It looks like problem with writing data to the SD-CARD, but the card is OK when inserted in a PC. What format should the SD-CARD have (FAT32??)


    iGo8 works fine in the same machine so the HW is believed to be OK.



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  • I have tried to format the SDCARD as FAT16 - no change

    I have seen that iGo do write files on the SDCARD so the sdcard is not write protected.

    After Mapfactor has been run and freezes I can see that:


    1. Logfile is not changed

    2. Settings.xml is not changed

    3. Atlas_... file is not changed

    So it looks like mapfactor cannot write onto the card

    I can tweak the settings.xml as said before, but can I tweak the atlas... file ?



  • New observations. Mapfactor does write on the SDCARD. The following files are changed after I have run mapfactor in the car china radio.







    Contents of logheap file is:

    x ... attempt failed
    f ... free memory
    l ... allocate to 'lower' memory
    u ... allocate to 'upper' memory

    u 16842752

    Content of navigator log is:

    command line:''


  • Hello @mugarbe.

    Please, did you get some answer, some solution?

    I've a similar problem (but for release 12)

  • Hi!
    Tryit - install Navigator on internal memory, sometimes it work better, or the last chance, install miopocket.

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