Android app freezes
  • Within last week, I finally used the Android app 1.0.0 to navigate through Germany using the car and bicycle mode. I also used it to find certain POIs. The app helped me a lot, thanks :-)

    However, I have encountered two situations where the application freezes (no error messages, no reactions - app restart through app manager was necessary):
    1. GPS was deactivated (important!). I searched for a city --> Show on map. On the map, I selected a certain point and clicked on it so that the menu bar above appeared. Then, I wanted to add the selected point to my favourites (using the star symobl) --> Freeze.

    2. During GPS navigation, I left the map (but did not stop navigation) and clicked on "Route info" --> Freeze.
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  • Why is it that Mapfactor support doest not react at all?
    Users invest their time in error reports and still recommend your software - but there are many post that you don't answer at all, not only mine.
    It would be kind if you would at least write something ....
  • I cannot replicate it, so I left it for others - they possibly took the same attitude
  • OK, just to make sure that my English did not create some kind of misunderstanding:
    The first "freeze" point is the one I am easily able to reproduce. It is just important that the GPS receiver on my device is turned off before manually set a map point as favourite.

    By the way, my device is a Sony Xperia J running with Android 4.1, if that helps.
  • I tried again both 1. and 2. and cannot replicate it
    you could try to clear data in application manager/navigator
  • I really hate to say it again, but suddenly I cannot replicate it myself :-(
    I encountered this error during my journey and it was really easy to replicate then. I have absolutely no clue what's now different than earlier.

    However, I am quite afraid of using the clear data function. I do not want to lose any settings etc.
    According to my app manager, I currently have:
    • App in phone 1,12 MB
    • App in internal storage 13,25 MB (I have moved the app from phone to internal storage earlier).
    • Data in phone 12 KB
    What exactly will be cleared, what data will I eventually lose? Thanks in advance.
  • to be honest I am not the right person to answer this, but I know that you would not loose anything stored in the navigator folder, e.g. routing points, vehicle profiles, favourites...

  • Who might be interested:

    So I cleared data. Result:
    • App in phone 1,12 MB
    • App in internal storage 13,25 MB (I have moved the app from phone to internal storage earlier).
    • Data in phone 4 KB --> reduced

    The difference is, that the very first settings/decisions are missing now:

    When I start the app, I will get the start screen asking me to choose between the free and commercial version. After choosing the free version, the information pops up, that data are based on OpenStreetMap.
    When I close the app, it asks me to rate it (although I already did).

    The application data themselves are maintained, just as you have promised.

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