Improving/Correcting french translation
  • Hi,

    How to improve the android french translation ? Many strings remain in english (but not quite the problem here), and those translated sometimes contain typos or are grammatically incorrect.

    I will try to make a list in the form of : localisation in the GUI : "incorrect" => "correct"

    1. Computing journey dialog :
    "Calcule du trajet, merci d'attendre?" => "Calcul du trajet en cours, veuillez patienter..."

    2. Processing map downloading title :
    "Téléchrgement" => "Téléchargement"

    3. Settings dialog
    "Attantion! N'éteignez pas l'écran en naviguant" => "Attention! N'éteignez pas l'écran en naviguant"

    4. Speed restrictions :
    "route secondaire" => "Route secondaire"
    and there are two times "Route principale" and "Route communale".

    5. Tools dialog
    "Liens interdits" => "Routes interdites"

    6. Search dialog, in a tab title :
    "PDI" => "POI"

    I can help in translating the remaining strings if you want.

    Thank you very much !

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  • Hi,

    Just to let you know I am currently working on the french translation. Thank you Martin Puffr for sending me the necessary files quickly.


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