A couple of questions MapFactor
  • I wondered if anyone could help me with a few answers on the free version of your software.

    1/ I am using the application on a ce5 device 480x272 with an atlas II 300mhz / 64MB. I noticed that when driving the map position doesn't update smoothly it seems to go in increments rather than one continuous movement. I have tried switching between vector grabbing and bitmap grabbing (
    I saw no perceived difference in map quality.) to see if this helps but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the performance, also tried 2d rather than 3d.
    2/ The application doesn't exit cleanly when pressing the exit menu item,the application stays visible. I noticed if I then press the application screen again it exits. (I see similair on a version I have running under xp.)

    3/ On my device (touch screen calibrated correctly) I have trouble with the scrolling menus,should I see scroll bars ? Maybe its because my device is resistive touch ?

    4/ I have seen a problem with the application not appearing to display the correct number of POI's. For a given location when selecting POI "Any" mode a certain number of POIs are shown however when drilling down further eg shopping and eating / cafe Pub then additional POI's are shown not seen under "Any". Same occurs if "ANY selected on Shopping and eating.

    A similair situation appears to occur when searching for towns or streets. For example if you set UK as your find and navigate you see a small number of cities which when scrolled only cover A to C (rather than all A-Z) however if say a letter "W" is entered from the keyboard additional towns with "W" are shown.

    5/ When the route needs to re-calculate as a result of
    going away from the suggested route the display says GPS signal lost
    during this re-calculation.

    I must say this is a great piece of software and something I have been looking for sometime for WinCe (I hope you continue to maintain CE version) Furthermore I look forward to seeing the Android version as well.

    Apologises for the long post

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