start up navigator 11 after download to portable sat nav device
  • I have downloaded navigatoe 11 and 2maps to mio navman m420. How do start the navigator 11 program. The device is only giving auto access to its normal mio sat nav program. Anybody any ideas please?
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  • if you cannot change a navigation path, then you need to rename navigator.exe and path to it according to how navman expects it
  •  Hi tomas thanks for replying. I am not too well knowleged about programming but I have found a paths file on the mio .









    Can I change this to navigator startup and navigator for navman?

    Thanks for your patience.


  • yes, try it
    take backup first
  • Most CE type devices look for a file named mobilenavigator.exe so its just a question of renaming the .exe file and placing into folder eg \sdmmc\mobilenavigator\mobilenavigator.exe. Sometimes a shell.ini file is also required.
  • Hi guys thanks for your interest in my problem.

    I changed the paths file in the mio but it didnt work, and had to backup to return to normal.

    I will try ASC suggestion, do I just create a new folder named mobile navigator, change name of .exe and copy to new folder, does all the other application data and map data downloaded need to be copied to the new folder as well?

  • Hi

    Create a folder called mobilenavigator copy all the files for the application into this. Rename the mapfactor executable  to mobilenavigator.exe. Create in the root of the sd card a file called shell.ini with the contents. "\sdmmc\mobilenavigator\mobilenavigator.exe" .
  • P.s Sometimes the mobilenavigator filename or exe name are case sensitive
  • P.s My comments assume you have an SD card on the devive, certainly this worked with an old mio of mine also works with other ce devices
  • Hi what and where is the root of the sd card?
  • The "root folder" is the top directory of any disk eg c:\ for a pc before any other folders off the root.

    So if your sd card drive is f:\  then this is the root other folders can then be off this root such as f:\mobilenavigator.


    Has your MIO got an sd card ? where you installed the navigator software ?

    As I said previously most ce devices look for a filename mobilenavigator.exe when you press what would normally be the menu item to start the software on your MIO.

  • Hi.

    The mio does not have an sd card. When starting to download navigator11 I also noticed after select OS,install toyour device is not highlighted only option is install to memory card. Also on connecting mio to laptop it shows in start/computer as mio device but no connection to windows mobile centre or sync centre,couid this be my problem

    Have tried using a viamichelin device with SD card following your instructions with the Sd in the laptop but didnt work .Both devices auto start to there own app on switching on

  • Hi. When you said copy all the files in the application to the new folder mobilenavigator is this just the application files and not the following map files?

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