No route available problem
  • Hi. Thanks for a wonderful app, which acts in many ways as well or in some cases even better than commercial products.

    However, I get one "no route" error, which I am not able to fix myself. The problem is on route E75 in Poland (route 1), which is still under
    construction. I know that constantly changing route organisation may
    cause some problems, it seems that this is the case: Navigator doesn't
    seem to find a route between the junction with road 71 next to Lodz and the town Tusczyn (well it does find a route, using local roads and not the
    straight primary road). The problematic segment seems to be the one,
    which crosses the Roza - Lodz Poludnie higway, which is under
    construction. I also tried enabling all the roads in the route setup
    menu. Both google and OpenStreetMaps displays the segment correctly. At least as far as I can tell - I am new to both Navigator and OpenStreetMaps.

    I know that this won't be fixed until my trip (which starts in less than a week), but it would be great, if this would be fixed in later releases. Thanks!
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  • any chance of getting co-ordinates please?
  • According to google:
    from 51.66089,19.476559
    to 51.603779,19.536698
    If the format is correct... Sorry, I don't know how to extract coordinates from navigator.
  • in OSM katowicka is oneway between motorway (under contruction) and Pabianicka
    if this is incorrect, please edit maps in openstreetmaps.
  • Thanks for your answer, however could you please explain it in more detail?

    I do not know how to check the exact maps used in Navigator, thus I refer to the current version of Moreover, I am not local and I am just planning the trip through this place, so I am not in a position to claim something or edit the maps. However, knowing that this is a road of high importance in Poland, I really doubt it would be one-way... Nevertheless I don't see, which part of the road is one-way.

    Katowicka between Pabianicka and the motorway under construction is a two-way highway with a separated traffic of opposite directions. This is represented by two parallel lines, both are one-way facing opposite directions. Before the construction site, the separation of traffic disappears and only one two way line is left. This part is composed of two sections: and both are two-way (well, oneway=no) and they fork correctly (as far as I can see) at both ends to the separated motorways.

    I also checked the history of those sections: they were marked as one-way at first, but on 18th of June they were marked as two-way and this wasn't changed later. The maps of Poland I use in Navigator are dated 29th of July.

    Now for some tests with Navigator:
    Way 5063675 next to node 2267868879 -> way 226203302, next to node 2350633095: no route
    Way 226203302, next to node 2350633095 -> way 226203488, next to node 2350640608: no route
    Way 226203302, next to node 2350633095 <-> way 226203302, next to node 2267869976: OK
    Way 226203302, next to node 2267869976 <-> way 218557725, next to node 2183582134: no route
    Way 218557725, next to node 2183582134 <-> way 218557725, next to node 2183579521: OK
    way 218557725, next to node 2183579521 -> way 230759069, next to node 2267870999: no route
    way 217507735, next to node 465570018 -> 218557725, next to node 2183579521: OK

    Way x can be found in
    Node x can be found in

    It looks to me as if the separate sections of Katowicka are not correctly connected together. But I don't see the problem in the current data: I checked through potlatch2 and also through Java OSM editor. Am I missing something?
  • it seems that this has been fixed at the end of July, so it should be OK in the next update

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