CarTrek800 installation
  • Hello.

    I have CarTrek800 navigator. I want to install your software. I put in my computer SD card, download software to this SD, download maps. 

    I switch my CarTrek on, put in there SD card, but no installation become. 

    How can I install software? Problem is that, when I switch on my CarTrek, I see just tree buttons, Navigation, GPS Receiver and Tracklist, there is no installation option?

    Please help me to resolve my problem.

    Thank you! Best Regards.

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  • Hi!

    I'm running Navigator FREE on a CarTrek700. It should work on a 800 the same way. There are several possibilities to start the application.
    Here is one:
    Download a little MortScript-based starter from here:

    Extract the ZIP-File directly to your microSD-Card. You should then get
    - Fonts
    - MobileNavigator
    - ADDONS.txt
    directly in the root of your SD-Card.

    Put all Navigator FREE data into the MobileNavigator folder and rename the navigator.exe to MobileNavigator.exe (The ZIP contains a dummy MobileNavigator.exe --> just delete it)

    Insert the SD card, start the device and click at Navigation.

    Please let me know, if it still doesn't work.

    Good luck!

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