Naming of waypoints and missed waypoints
  • hello there

    for the past two month we have been travelling through Argentina and Chile, using PC Navigator 11 Free. Guidance has been very good.

    There are two things I would like to see improvements:

    Naming of Waypoints: If waypoints are inserted the naming may be confusing. Setting two waypoints on the same road will result in both waypoints having the same name, e.g. W-858 and W-858. It would be usefull if either the waypoint names could be edited or a sequence number would be automatically added so that the points would be named W-858-1 and W-858-2.

    Missed waypoints: Maps are not accurate to the inch, or a street with a waypoint may be closed so that the waypoint can not be reached. In this case PC Navigator will try to route you back to the missed waypoint until one manually delets the point. My proposal: when a waypoint is missed but one continues on the planned route the waypoint should be ignored.

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  • Re missed waypoint.

    I see you suggested the same thing a long long time ago.

    I requested the same thing a few days ago....

    I guess I shouldn't expect anything to come out of mine either..

    See "navigating a pre recorded route" and "Routing and recalculation"
  • you can rename waypoint in My places
  • Thanks Tomas
    That's one out of two ;-)

    Now let's have the "missed waypoint" sorted out

    Here is a copy of my wishlist.

    1- Automatically disregard a missed Waypoint (ie due road closure) after a set time or distance or closed to the next waypoint and navigate to the next waypoint.
    2- Add a "Stop" in the route ( same as CoPilot)
    3- Suppress Waypoint announcements
    4- Step by step simulation of route
    5- Unload a loaded route (can only unload displayed by deleting all waypoints - unless I missed a command somehow)

    I believe these enhancements will turn Mapfactor Navigator into a a top notch navigation app. Will be on the same level a s Garmin Zumo and TomTom

    There are 1000s of cyclists and motorcyclists desperate for a smartphone app that can stand against the Zumo.

    How about it?
  • With regard to: "2- Add a "Stop" in the route ( same as CoPilot)"
    Do you mean a  "Pause/Continue"?
    You are doing a route and you are at one of the waypoints where you stop for a drink, a panoramic view, lunch, or whatever. You tap on the screen/menu to "Pause" the navigation and when you're done you "Continue" your navigation.

    If that is what you mean then I fully agree with your second point.

  • not my department :-)
    but it is not as easy as one would think, everybody have somewhat different idea of how it should work
  • @hvdwolf
    What is difference then to tap "Stop navigation" for pausing, and "Navigation" for resuming? The waypoints are still stored.
  • Reply to Chattiewoman and hvdwolf

    Re: Point 2

    Let me explain how I use waypoints.

    I use waypoints to create a route - every waypoint is placed in a key position to ensure that only one route can be followed via the correct roads and hopefully it will be the same on different maps and apps ( as you can see I am not interested of the waypoint announcements, hence point 3 request). I am creating a route using RouteConverter or recording a trip. Then manually I clean the track (remove extra waypoints) and converting to a route. Normally I reduce the number of waypoints from over a thousand+ to 20-30 key waypoints ( hence request 4 for a good simulation).

    The "stop" is to tell the rider that this is a place to stop for rest or see the view or any other reason ( in my case is for a mid-ride brief). This need to be announced clearly ie " you are 1 mile away from your 1st stop". Other use of the stops could for delivery/drops points.
    Please have in mind that the route can be used by other people that have note gone through the route before and will need to know where to stop and be assured that the route they follow is the correct one.

    To Tomas
    Tomas, who do I need to get to have a look at this. I dont know how and to whom to log a Change Request to get this moving - is there a process and procedure to be followed?

    Thanks to all
  • all developers read, there is no need to send it anywhere
  • If Tomas tell to me "it is more important than everything else" then I do it.
  • We leave it to Tomas then...

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do..

    Many Thanks

  • @chattiewoman: For me there is a big difference. Stop Navigation really stops the navigation. When you "press" Navigate (again), it will take the entire route again. No matter whether you're halfways or not, so it will include all waypoints (as if you would do the same route again next day)

    Pause/Continue can be at any position/location during the route and will not take the already passed waypoints in the "continuing" route.
  • Pause/Continue will be good idea to be added ( even for just ad-hock stops).

    The Stop is planned within the route and the app takes care of the notification in good time.

    If rider/driver stops then can use Pause/ Continue function (or can leave the app running and hope it wont crash or the battery go flat).

    If rider/driver decides not to stop the app ignores the Stop and carries on with the navigation to the next waypoint. (This will be very useful for multiple Stops eg multiple deliveries - no need to Pause, just stop, deliver and carry on to the next Stop).

    The Stop is planned within the route as in most cases the rider wont know where the stop is (or too many to remember) and will not be required to keep looking for it. Also, more than likely the route will be in an area or country that the rider/driver will be unfamiliar with .

    For example I missed some beautiful views and sights at my last ride to Austria last May - it's so easy to miss the signs in foreign place and not easy to turn back when on a tight schedule.

    My changes seem to be doable - I'll wait for Tomas to consider and hopefully authorise to implement.
  • Hi Tomas

    Any news on your decision - Lubos seems to know what it needs to be done.

    I am happy to help in any way I can..

    Here is a copy of my wishlist - #1 is my top wish

    1- Automatically disregard a missed Waypoint (ie due road closure) after a set time or distance or closed to the next waypoint and navigate to the next waypoint.
    2- Add a "Stop" in the route ( same as CoPilot)
    3- Suppress Waypoint announcements
    4- Step by step simulation of route
    5- Unload a loaded route (can only unload displayed by deleting all waypoints - unless I missed a command somehow)

  • @stavrich
    Simulation is already available under Tools menu
  • Check out the new HERE (Nokia) app. The implementation of your wish list #4 for step by step simulation is the most clever/ intuitive way I have seen for any GPS app. It is far better than what is currently available with Navigator. It allows for very efficient reviewing of the proposed turns for the route.

  • Reply to chattiewoman - Thanks, I know that but I am asking for a Step By Step simulation ie start and stop the simulation, going forward and backward. This is very useful when testing and correcting a recorded route.

    Reply to andrew_james_heard - Thanks - I will have a look and see if can be loaded on blackberry

    To Tomas - what do you think?
  • Hi Tomas

    I need some indication as to whether you will authorise Lubos to start working on my request. I am desperate to see at least #1 implemented.

    1- Automatically disregard a missed Waypoint/s (ie due road closure) after say... 
    a set time 
    or distance
    or  rider ignoring a recalculation
    or closed to the next waypoint 

    and  start navigating to the next waypoint.

    Possibly you do not consider my request as a priority but the way I use it ie following recorded/planned routes on a motorcycle is very important to me. 

    If for any reason this is not possible please let me know so that I can start looking at alternative solutions.

    Many Thanks

  • :-)
    it is not just my decision, it needs to be discussed first and time allocated
    Lubos has a lot to do
  • Thanks Tomas
    Just hope that it would looked at favourably sooner than later and save me the trouble of having to buy a Garmin zumo. The mapfactor is great and this enhancement will make it even greater.

    If there is anything I can do to help get this moving please let me know.

    ( sorry for  the delay replying but I was not notified of your reply)

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