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  • I recently installed PC Navigator 11 free on my HP Compaq 6720s running Vista.  It worked first time.  I tried a route from home (Weymouth, Dorset) to my daughter's house in Harpenden, Herts.  Despite the fact that the new Weymouth relief road, built for the 2012 Olympics appears on the map, and begins 400 metres from my house, Navigator wants me to turn right to avoid the road and make a 4 mile detour.  I have now experimented and find that if I set a destination just south of the Jurassic roundabout (2nd roundabout out of Weymouth) Navigator will get me there directly, but if I set a destination just north of the Jurassic roundabout en route to Dorchester, Navigator detours me 4 miles.  This is no real problem.  I will just ignore the satnav for the first 2 miles, but why does it do it?  And can it be fixed?
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  • hi grumpygrandad, your description is too vague, please provide co-ordinates for departure, destination and Jurassic roundabout

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