blank screen on start
  • I started download of california map. Tried to start program. Just get a blank screen. ???
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  • Hi,
    close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
    manager/Navigator - then reboot your phone. If this does not help,
    please email logs (navigator/log folder).

  • huckrorick,

    I had that happen to me when I first loaded maps.  I think it happened, again, when I added a U.S. state.  IIRC: Exiting MapFactor Navigator and re-starting it fixed the problem.  You have to make sure to actually "Exit," using Navigator's "Exit" button.


  • I uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded and it worked.

    However, I did a simple search for my own home with zipcode and got a "no result" on search.

    Is there a help or tutorial for the app?

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