PLEASE help me!!!!
  • im trying to get this software up and running on a win ce 6 nav system.  i have posted on other threads but get no response,  If anybody can get this running for me i will send you some $$ to your paypal account.  i have tried every software imaginable and cannot get it going.  I installed software and map on sd card,.  then i tell nav system where to execute from but nothing happens at all..
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  • do you have the latest version? did you install CE version rather then windows mobile version?
  • i believe so, i installed the navigator 11 setup utility.  then i installed the ce program and map on sd card.
  • try to update to the latest version using setup utilities
  • it say there are none available, the bottom of my screen says its version 11.0.15
  • what does it mean on the bottom of the installation page,this version may require additional librarires missing on your device.???

  • 11.0.15 is the setup utilities version ? look on your sd card for navigator.log.txt - when you open it you should see what version you have and why it is not running

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