installing MapFactor to in dash unit
  • I have searched for about a week and can't find any good answer to my question. Hope the experts here can help me.

    I just bought a new truck that has a in dash stereo with nav. I don't really like the map program that's in it and want to change it to Navigator Free. It appears that everything is on the Micro SD card, because nav did not do anything until dealer installed the card. 
      Ok, so now to my problem. 

    Can some one please give this poor old man some simple step by step instructions what I need to do to to get Navigator on a Micro SD card. Here is what I have done so far:

    1.Downloaded NavigatorFree_install.exe to desktop
    2.Opened install program and installed it to Micro SD card

    This is where I am lost. A screen comes up that has 'install to unit' (or something like that) and 'install map data'. Do I just press 'install to unit' and pretend the Micro is the unit (also which part do I download, the pocket nav or the pc one?)? Then install the map data? 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I am doing this exact thing right now, first you need to install the navigator itself to SD card, once installed it will give you the option to choose between a paid and free license to download maps. But you do have to select either maps or a continent. Please note the software respons has a delay so if you select USA (based on your name i think that is what you need) just click once and wait just a second, USA will than be ticked. Ofcourse this also goes if you just need parts of USA, click per region and just wait a second untyill you see it is ticked. POnze all you need is ticked you can click download, just make sure your micro has enough space. Than the big waiting game starts.
    Hopefully this helps.

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