Bugreport: Navigate causes catastrophic crash
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    i) Store a number of locations in 'My Places' one of which is your current location which, for convenience we will call "HOME"

    ii) Select a location from 'My places' and 'Set as departure'

    ii) Select the location "HOME" from 'My places' and 'Set as destination'

    iii) Select 'Navigate'

    MNf attempts to calculate a route but crashes i.e. MNf is no longer running!

    To confuse matters, the results are not consistent as sometimes MNf crashes, as explained above, sometimes MNf shows the smallest practical circular route and sometimes the result is a zero distance as if the departure and destination were the same location.

    If the locations selected for departure and destination are different and do not include "HOME" then MNf functions correctly and shows a correct route.

    Tested on a Sony Ericsson with Android 2.3.4 & MNf 1-0-0 and also on an Oppo U7011 with Android 4.0.4 & MNf 1-0-11.

    br Dennis

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  • departure used in navigation is your GPS position, no matter if you set departure manually.
    if you are at home and try to navigate home, navigation will be from
    home to home, even if you set departure somewhere else. If you want to
    see route from departure to destination, then use Calculate route
  • Okay, point taken but you have not commented on the topic of the post:-

    MNf attempts to calculate a route but crashes i.e. MNf is no longer running!  Surely, even if I as a novice user, have pressed the wrong button, it is not correct that MNf crashes.

    br Dennis

  • I went step by step through your description, but could not replicate crash, you can email logs.
  • I have sent an email as requested.  The email states:-

    Hi Tomas
    Attached is a very poor quality video of the crash.
    The screen shows a route with departure and destination. The destination is my 'HOME' location. As can be seen from the video, when I select 'Navigate', bottom left icon, the video audio track confirms MNf tries to re-calculate the route but crashes.
    Also attached are the log files, as requested.
    br Dennis
  • Your issue could be related with mine: http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/1408/corrupted-routing_points.xml#Item_1
    It seems that using a dedicated starting point in a route causes a corrupt routing_points.xml.
  • 2pipestwice
    we managed to replicate the problem, it happens when destination is the same as start. It will be fixed soon.
  • Glad to hear you replicated the problem as the video was outright proof
    many thanks

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