Poi Conversio fro Excel to .MCA
  • After having converted a number of POIs from Excel Files I suddenly ran
    into problems. DiggerQT converts the Excel files  without any error
    message. I then can see them in "Favorits" - "Imports". However, as soon
    as I select them, I get an error message "...Navigator does not
    function any more ..". As fafr as I can see, there is no difference in
    the layout of the excel files. Anyone any hint?

    The layout of the excel files is as follows:

    Longitude          Latitude            Name                Information               OS Grid Reference               Name 2
    69.40748756     52.53666761     0510 Campo
    70.51931265     23.48388934     10 km nörd
    64.98007704     42.64811098     10 km nörd


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